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Land Surveying in Peterborough, Ontario

Land Surveying In Peterborough

Licensed Ontario Land Surveyors, are the only persons authorized in Ontario to determine where the boundaries are of any parcels. They are required to search, not only their own records, but also those of others surveyors and the public records at the Registry Office, to make sure they have all the available information to make an informed opinion as to where the boundaries of the parcel are. Homes, and the land associated with them, are often the biggest investment that people will ever make in their lives.

We are authorized to practice all types of land surveying in Ontario. We offer the following services:

  • Assistance in settling boundary disputes
  • Preparation of:
    • Accident Surveys
    • Construction (both land and marine)Surveys
    • Drainage Plans
    • Reference Plans
    • Site Plans
    • Subdivision Plans
    • Surveyor's Real Property Reports
    • Topographic Surveys
  • Expert testimony in civil or criminal proceedings

We have the knowledge and equipment to undertake any project and are licensed to practice land surveying throughout Ontario. When you need a survey, contact the best surveyor in Peterborough. We get the job done accurately and quickly.

We are able to complete the following types of surveys:

Boundary Survey

Often people only want to know where the corners of the property are and the surveyor marks them accordingly. Corners are marked with steel bars and the lines between the bars are often marked with stakes and/or steel bars or pins.

Surveyor's Real Property Report (SRPR)

These surveys show a bird's-eye view of the property. They show the relationship of buildings, fences and any other improvements to the property lines. It will show if the parcel is subject to any easements, whether they are registered or not, as well as any encroachments from or onto the subject property. The surveys are often requested by lawyers and/or financial institutions before mortgage funds will be advanced.

Topographic Surveys

Topographic surveys are used when an owner needs to know how the land looks in three dimensions. Like the Surveyor's Real Property Reports they give a bird's-eye view of the property but they also include items like ditches, asphalt driveways, trees and other natural and man-made features. These are necessary fore-runners to drainage plans and site plans.

Site Plans

In most municipalities site plans are required to show where new homes are going to be built before building permits will be issued. Site plans may be prepared by engineers and architects as well. Surveyors often prepare topographic plans and then send digital copies of these plans to architects and engineers so they can prepare the site plans.


The sketches are sometimes used to show the location of accident scenes. Unless it is uncertain, as to which property the accident has occurred on, the sketches are rarely linked to property lines.

Construction Surveys

In our modern society very little gets constructed without the services of a surveyor. The surveyor ensures that the construction drawings are followed as closely as possible so that the finished product is in accordance with what was requested. Surveyors are often requested to lay out new homes for construction and after the home is completed they will prepare a Surveyor's Real Property Report.

Reference Plans (R-Plans)

R-Plans are prepared by the surveyor when a person wishes to divide the property or is contemplating the preparation of a subdivision or condominium. Sometimes the Registry Office (RO) requires an R-Plan before a parcel may be transferred from one person to another, because the property is very irregular, or its description is vague. The old adage of a picture is worth a thousand words is quite appropriate for an R-Plan eliminates the need for a wordy explanation of how a parcel is shaped.

Plan of Subdivision (M-Plan)

Only developers have use for M-Plans. These plans are used to split large parcels of land into building lots and the streets associated with the subdivision. If you own a new home in a subdivision your deed will say what the lot and plan is.

Condominium Plans

Condominium plans are very much like the plans of subdivision. They are only used by developers. Condominiums are so complex that they require at the assistance of a lawyer who understands condominium law as well as surveyor.