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Dog Boarding in Peterborough, Ontario

Dog Boarding In Peterborough

Welcome to a safe, happy, stree-free environment with our dog boarding services in Peterborough that your best friend can enjoy while you are away.

Does your dog have lots of energy and are they happiest when out in the yard playing non-stop? Or is your dog happy to snuggle up on a comfortable cot and enjoy the day in relative peace?

We know that not all dogs are the same. We offer three very different overnight accommodation programs in our dog boarding school in Peterborough designed to cater to every dog’s needs.

Play-All-Day program

It is the 'Pawferred' boarding package, esecially for dogs that enjoy the company of other dogs and have lots of energy to burn off. It runs from 7am - 7pm lead by trained supervisors to ensure safe play in the spacious air conditioned/heated indoor facitlites or outdoor, fully secure 1/2 acre lay yard with canine grass. In our services for boarding for dogs in Peterborough, they can enjoy a romp in the dog splash pools, friends and tons of toys, including Kong stuffies or treat your friend to a recreational swim in the pool.

For those dogs that are older or prefer not to socialze with other dogs, they rest in a large 4' x 6' indoor kennel with outdoor patio. They will enjoy a 30 min group or indicidual play time and three 10 minute run-abouts and one-on-one time with exceptional kennel staff. Kong stuffies, leash-walks and recreational swimsare available.


If your dog has special needs, consider our luxury dog boarding program. It is best suited for small (up to 20 pound) dogs, young puppies, senior dogs or dogs that have other special needs. They must have decent manners and be able to get along with other dogs. They will enjoy group or individual playtimes in a private yard with a spacious environment, television, elevated kennel cots (doggie beds), and nap times. Kong stuffies and recreational swims are available.

Rest easy knowing that no matter what progarm your dog is in, our trained and dedicated staff provide around-the-clock supervision as a part of our pet boarding services.

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